Story: Young & beautiful Julie is raped by upper class rich frat boys & tampers in demonology for revenge! Ahh, the joys of college.
The Film Itself: Well, dare I say this is a decent film? What’s good? Hmm, please let me think. Ok… the beautiful Elizabeth Cayton (also of Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood & the legendary Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 fame) as Julie. And… hmm I knew there was more. Oh well. This is your basic low budget revenge story ala ‘I Spit On Your Grave’ but not as violent and complete with a rape scene, a creepy woman whom unleashes demons, annoying frat boys whom you PRAY will meet a horrible demise, and the geeky guy watching it all. I enjoyed how as revenge, the demon killing off these bastards appears to them as a half naked Julie. She appears to them in an alluring way and once she seduces them & they’re caught off guard, she pretty much rips their hearts out. It’s very realistic and I can relate to the victims. In fact… let me check the box again because I think this may have been a documentary.
Special Features: Sadly nothing. But it’s supposedly a director’s cut. And very inexpensive. And Elizabeth Cayton is in just about every scene! Sleeze like this doesn’t need any special features. – robg.

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