Monster Dog

Story/The Film Itself: Being a huge Alice Cooper fan, I felt I absolutely needed to see this. After seeing it, I still think it is an essential part of his mythos, containing two songs that were written for the films soundtrack. What you must understand as an Alice Cooper fan though, is that this smacks of the ‘Flush The Fashion’ and ‘Special Forces’ era of his career. Alice plays a rock star (surprise!) in the film by the name of Vince Roberts (Alice’s real first name coincidently is Vince) who goes to his ancestral home after being away for twenty years, to shoot his new video. What he finds when he gets there is a welcome banner and a missing caretaker. He also finds out that there is a pack of wild dogs killing the locals and that a small group of renegades blame his family. The film has a healthy division of horror elements in it including lynch mob citizens, monsters, witchcraft, and murder. The film plays out in a similar vain to the second generation of ’80’s horror films like ‘April Fools Day’, ‘Happy Birthday To Me’ and the last offerings of Hammer Films. The effects are hit and miss. Some of the gore is very convincing, but then in the next scene it can look totally cheesey. I think that this film is more suited to Alice Cooper completionists rather than horror buffs. There are a few good startling scares, but nothing over the top. One of the cast members did have a part ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’ though..
Special Features: The first thing you notice about this DVD, is that the description of the film on the back incorrectly lists Alice Cooper’s characters name as Lou. Second, you find out unfortunately, that there is not much in the line of extras. Some cast bios and a slew of trailers for other films. The last initial thing you will find out, is that the film is not letterboxed. The sound has been reworked, but I wish they had done the same for the picture. It is a little grainy and fullscreen, but the fact that it is released in any form is pretty good. (Substance/Music Video Distributors, P.O.B. 280, Oaks, PA 19456) – Myk.

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