Modern Vampires

Story: A group of modern vampires whom are accustomed to partying in the Hollywood Hills become worried when a new mysterious vampire enters the scene and starts claiming victims; gaining attention as the Hollywood slasher. No one is happy about her presence, including the Count, because it may expose the truth about the underground vampire cult in Hollywood. Her only hope is Dallas, a renegade vampire with a special connection to her origin. And all of them are up against Dr. Fredrick Van Helsing, who comes into town and hires a posse of gang members called the Cripes to take down as many vampires as possible.
The Film Itself: On first viewing, I remember kind of enjoying this film as a fun, gory surprise, but on repeat viewings… it’s just so bad it’s good. Natasha Gregson Wagner plays the new vampire in town, aka Nico (or the Hollywood slasher), and well… hmm… her skimpy outfits and beauty are nice. I really like Casper Van Dien, who plays Dallas as cool as a vampire can be. There are some surprising actors popping up in here, such as Udo Kier and Kim Catrell, but the saving grace of the whole picture is Van Helsing’s new ‘posse’, the Cripes. They bring the modern to this flick as bad-ass, hilarious gang members ready to kick some vampire ass. (and maybe they do a little lovin’ somewhere along the way, but that’s a whole other story.) The DVD is an unrated director’s cut, so there are some good gory moments here and there. Kuddos to director Richard Elfman (yep, Danny Elfman’s brother) for giving the film a decent look and style.
Special Features: The disc is unrated and features some trailers, a behind the scenes featurette on the making of the film and an decent audio commentary track with director Richard Elfman and actor Casper Van Dien. Also included are biographies and filmographies. The picture and sound are excellent & what’d you expect for a recently made movie. – robg.

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