Mirror, Mirror: The Collection

Story/ The Film Itself: This is the complete collection of the Mirror, Mirror series including Mirror, Mirror 4 which was previously unreleased. The only film worth watching is the first one. After the death of her father Megan Gordon and her mother move into a new house. While searching the house she finds a mirror left by the previous owners and insists on keeping it. At her new school Megan is relentlessly picked on being the lone goth chick and all. Bad move by the popular kids. It turns out the previous owner of the mirror was into witchcraft and the mirror houses a demon which helps Megan get revenge on her tormentors. Mirror, Mirror is an extremely effective horror film, reminiscent of Carrie in that you are on Megan’s side and want to see her get even. The entire cast was pretty damn good too. The beautiful Rainbow Harvest as Megan, Karen Black as her mother, Yvonne DeCarlo, Charlie Spralding as the high school bitch, and Kristin Dattilo (better know as Janie from the Janie’s Got A Gun video) as Nikki, Megan’s only friend. There is not much I can say about the sequels except that they suck and I hate that they’re even related to the original, which I think is a gem. Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven Dance deals with two siblings who are placed in an orphanage after their parents die. Soon later their stepsister arrives with a scheme to gain the family inheritance. Stars Sally Kellerman, Roddy McDowall, and Mark Ruffalo in an early role. Mirror, Mirror 3: The Voyeur is by far the worst. It has horrible quality picture and sound. Not that there is much to hear (or see for that matter) being that half the movie is tedious sex scenes. Billy Drago stars as a man haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend. Mark Ruffalo once again appears, but in a different role. Mirror, Mirror 4: Reflection is better than the previous two but still a disgrace. It is about a group of people at a party forced to confront their demons through the power of the mirror. The only good thing about this movie is P.J. Soles, who is in it for about a second…maybe two. I’ve been a huge fan of the original since seeing it on late night TV when I was a kid. I find the sequels to be an insult to the genius of the first film. It’s just f**king painful when I think of the potential the original showed for an amazing horror film series and then what followed it.
Special Features: None. – neil a.

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