When a film starts out with a mother teaching her children how to do a Satanic sacrifice as the opening scene of a film, you know it is going to come back in the story line. When Officer Bert Johnson (Lawrence Tierney) tries to molest his step daughter Nancy (Melanie Verlin, Monkey Shines) she takes off and hitches across the country. She hooks up with a couple of guys in a van who are stealing there way cross country at food stores to eat. They get pulled over and hassled by locals because one of them is black. Horrible things start to happen. All the while, Officer Johnson has started looking for his stepdaughter in the John Russo directed film also staring John Amplas (Martin). The film is much better than Russo’s ‘Booby Trap’ and the cinematography isn’t bad. The acting, aside from the obvious people, leaves a lot to be desired, but some of the plot bits are pretty twisted. The film does prove Russo needs Romero to make a masterpiece, but this is one of his better films. The disc doesn’t have any bonus stuff unfortunately and for most will be not much more than a curiosity. The film screams rental all over it. (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) – Myk.

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