Story: Creepy, yet cute girl with lazy eye likes boy. And body parts.
The Film Itself: Honestly, I don’t want to tell you too much about the movie May… I just want you all to see it for yourself. In a nutshell, it’s unlike any other film you can find filed under the horror section of your local video store or best buy. What’s good? It’s original. It’s unpredictable. It’s uncomfortable to watch! You’ve got a stellar cast led by Angela Bettis, and which also features Scary Movie’s Anna Faris (gents… she makes out with chicks in this movie!) and Jeremy Sisto (also of Suicide Kings!). You’ll find yourself getting a bit lost in the weird, yet sympathetic life of lead character May, but by the mid-point, the movie takes a sharp turn in a more horrific direction then you can imagine. Then there’s the end. Ahh… chills! Just see it. Seriously.
Special Features: Sadly, there’s not much on this disc in the way of extras, but there are two audio commentaries. The first is with writer/director Lucky McKee, Angela Bettis & various other members of the cast. The second commentary features again Lucky McKee with the crew on the film. I watched the movie with the first commentary and it really is very funny and very informative. The group start out nervous at first, admitting that this is their first audio commentary, but soon enough they loosen up and start making a lot of jokes & pointing out subtle hints through out the film. (More reason to watch it again.) Angela occasionally gives us insight into May’s inner dialogue and what she may be thinking at certain points of the film. Lucky name checks how this movie pretty much prepared Jeremy Sisto for a dozen other features. The DVD is fairly inexpensive and with the film itself & this first audio commentary, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. – robg.

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