Man With The Screaming Brain, The: Rob’s Review

Story/The Film Itself: Bruce Campbell stars, writes AND directs this throw-back to cheese-ball sci-fi b-movies of the 50’s. He stars as William Cole, an industrialist who treks out to Bulgaria for some sleezy business. In the process, he ends up getting killed by a gypsy and has his brain combined with a cab driver. Oh yea, his wife’s brain ends up in the bod of a robot. I know this all sounds wacky, but Myk already reviewed the film, and I had reviewed the New York screening of it a few months back. So, let me just cut to what I dig about the movie itself! Bruce is hilarious in this. After his brain surgery, he harkens back to his Evil Dead 2 days and has a few psychical fights with himself. Look for the scenes where he attempts to have a drink, and also the bar fight sequence. Those are among my favorite moments in the film. Also, Ted Raimi steals the show. He’s hilarious in just about every scene he’s in. It doesn’t hurt that we also have the beautiful Tamara Gorski to look at for the majority of the 90 minutes.
Special Features: Anchor Bay always steps up with the features for their genre titles. Bruce Campbell does a commentary track here with producer David M. Goodman. Normally, those who have heard Bruce’s previous commentary tracks have come to expect some funny material. This commentary is probably one of the more serious in tone for Bruce. Sure, he jokes around a bit, but he mostly discusses the evolution of the film and points out all his decisions in regards to shooting in Bulgeria. It’s one of the more informative Bruce Campbell commentaries for one of his films. As the director, he offers plenty of tips and explanations on how he accomplished everything he did for ‘The Man With The Screaming Brain’. There are also a slew of featurettes & behind-the-scenes segments. Any DVD with a Bruce Campbell commentary though is a keeper! – robg.

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