Man With The Screaming Brain, The: Myk’s Review

The Man With The Screaming Brain.
Story/ The Film Itself: Bruce Campbell has been bust lately. He has his new book, the audio version of that book, the Man With The Screaming Brain comic book, and of course, the film of the same name, not to mention a few films for the Sci-Fi channel. Bruce wrote, directed and starred in this film, I think a first for him helming the entire film (with help from producer David M. Goodman). Considering the low budget constraints and having to film in Bulgaria, I think they made a hell of a film. Recruiting a pretty good cast that includes buddy Ted Raimi, Stacy Keach, and Tamara Gorski (from Bruce’s Xena days), the film is like a modern day 50’s Sci-Horror thriller. A rich industrialist, William Cole, goes to a small country with his wife (Antoinette Byron from All My Children) to make some dodgey investments. With a failing marriage already in the works, Jackie hooks up with a cab driver by the name of Yegor. After her encounter, she catches William trying to hook up with Tatoya (Gorski) and becomes the hypocritical wife. Turns out Yegor and Tatoya were somewhat of an item and this turns out badly for all three of these characters. Keach plays a scientist trying to show Cole a new chemical he has invented and Raimi is his bumbling ‘want to be American Hip Hop’ assistant. Turns out, Dr. Ivan Ivanov (Keach) may be the only person who can save all of their lives. Cole and Yegor end up sharing a body, while also trying to kill Tatoya and save Jackie. It is East versus West and Communism versus Capitalism. No good can come of any of this, and it proceeds with a lot of in jokes and physical humor as only Bruce Campbell can deliver. There isn’t a ton of gore, no nudity and the language is pretty tame, great family viewing. The kind of film you put on at a party that sucks everyone in.
Special Features: Bonus features include an audio commentary with Campbell and Goodman, two different documentaries (one about the background of the film’s concept and the other about making the film), plus the standards like trailers, Bio’s, behind the scenes footage, storyboards and clips from the comic version. (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) (DVD) – Myk.

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