Story: After a bank robbery gone wrong, the felons take a hostage and attempt to retreat to an abandoned house out in the middle of nowhere. What they didn’t count on was stumbling upon the hunting ground of a deranged madman, who may have a connection to the kidnapping 10 years earlier of young Martin Bristol.
The Film Itself: It’s no secret that the Icons staff absolutely loved this film. Skim around and your bound to find various posts and interviews praising writer/director Stevan Mena’s debut. For the most part, the reason we enjoyed this film so much was a matter of timing. Seeing this bad boy in theaters felt like watching a classic old gem from the 80’s. Although not completely original or new, storywise; this film does offer a great straightforward old school “slasher” vibe & a back story that is worthy of myth. Shot on 35 mm, the look of the film is fantastic, the score is reminiscent of Carpenter (which is a good thing) and the film actually delivers the scares! This is the closest we could ever get to a remake of ‘Halloween’ without actually remaking Halloween and changing what’s already classic. This also opens the doors wide open for the upcoming prequel & sequel. And knowing this, you can spot more back story and hints of what’s to come sprinkled thru-out this film. This one’s a keeper, folks.
Special Features: As with almost all Anchor Bay releases, this DVD is top notch. The sound and picture have been transferred flawlessly and actually look and sound even better then in theaters. There’s an excellent and extensive making-of featurette titled ‘Back To The Slaughterhouse’ with plenty of tidbits and stories about everything involved in putting this movie together. For even more insight & even a few laughs, watch the film with the audio commentary, which features writer/director Stevan Mena, actor Brandon Johnson & producer Eddie Akmal. They offer a highly entertaining & informative commentary, which will make you appreciate their hard work all the more. There’s a few deleted scenes, trailers & rehearsal footage. Everything on here is cool, especially if you enjoy this film as much as I did. Just go buy it already! – robg.

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