Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way

f Howard Stern is the King of all Media, then Bruce Campbell is quickly becoming the Prince. We all love him in his films, whether it be that horrible Congo (he wasn’t bad, the movie just sucked nuts) or the Evil Dead trilogy, we will all make the effort to see Bruce no matter how big or small the part. When he put out his first book, we had the first printing sold out so fast, the publishing companies head spun. He managed to do a 50 city book tour and who knows how many conventions. They even had to stop letting people in at the Horror Find show in Baltimore a couple years back there was so many fans. Well, out comes the second book, and I couldn’t possibly think that Bruce could be any more humorous than this insightful little piece of well researched fiction. That was until I heard him read the book in the new six cd version “book on cd”. It comes packaged in an eco friendly, but modest CD book type package. That is the only modest thing about it. Every nuance, every chuckle, and every bruise comes to life in the exact way that Bruce intended. I believe that there was at least four other voices in the recording, but I’m not positive and the package doesn’t list it. There isn’t a moment missed on this and despite reading the book virtually the week it came out, this held a whole new joy for me. Any Bruce fan will love this and don’t shy away from it even if you read it. Bruce has a very specific sense of humor that you may have not gotten reading it. There is no mistaking it here. From the vomit wire-work scene to the prison letter to his agent, it is all here in crisp stereo. Now if we can get Bruce a radio show, he can challenge Howard for that throne of his. (Ryko, 30 Irving Place, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10003) (CD) – Myk

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