Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Story: Two people meet by chance and drive across Manchester when they discover some strange murders taking place in the area. The police suspect them, but it just so happens that some scientists are doing some experiments in the area and they’re causing a few zombies to rise from the grave!
The Film Itself: This was originally released by Anchor Bay as one of their limited edition tin’s. And it also was the lowest number print, making the tin version very rare. However, you should be able to find a regular pressing of this on DVD. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, which also goes by a dozen other titles such as ‘The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue’ is a pretty decent zombie flick. There’s something special about this little picture. It’s not a great zombie movie ala one of Romero’s pics, but it’s original enough to hold it’s own. A few stand out examples? 1 – There’s really not a lot of zombies. In fact for the majority of the movie, you only see about 3. 2 – Red eyes! This is the only zombie flick where you get to see cool close up’s of the zombie’s eyes only to notice that they all have red eyes! 3 – There’s a kick ass zombie invasion at the hospital toward the end of the film. I don’t recall seeing that scenerio before seeing this flick. Overall, I recommend this to fans of Italian zombie horror.
Special Features: The film itself looks and sounds pretty good considering the age of the film. There’s a trailer and a subtitled interview & introduction by director Jorge Grau. It’s worth a viewing. – robg.

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