Leatherface: Boat in the Smoke

This one isn’t real hard. You have a full Leatherface show recorded in March of 2004. They played for just under an hour and kicked out tons of great songs in the typical pop-punk meets Motorhead style that Leatherface has become synonymous with. They even manage to do a cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ for one of the encores. What you do see though, is the maturization of Punkervision and their ability to create these live recordings. Compare this to early works like the ‘As Friends Rust’ dvd, and it isn’t even the same league. This is eons better, both visually and sound wise, with a 5.1 Surround soundtrack. Also included on this disc is a bonus live performance from June 2001 with another seven tracks and also an interview with main man Frankie Stubbs about the history of the band and the decision to reform. This is an excellent output for an up and coming company and an even better representation of a punk band seldom seen on the U.S. soil. (Music Video Distributors, P.O.B. 280, Oaks, PA 19456) – Myk.

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