Last House on the Left

The Story/The Film Itself: Mari and Phyllis, two young girls on their way to a concert, are kidnapped, tortured, humiliated, raped, and murdered by a group of criminals. When the baddies take refuge at a nearby house, it turns out to be that of young Mary, whose parents are worried about the whereabouts of their daughter. When they find out the truth about their guests they take on a bloody revenge. Last House on The Left is director Wes Craven’s first horror film. While many people consider the movie offensive and too much too handle, I think it is brilliant. The low budget adds to the realism of the film giving it that documentary feel like many seventies low budget films. The performances are so good that it often makes the film hard to watch, but at the same time you can’t turn away. David Hess who played Krug in the film also did outstanding work on the soundtrack. The music is like a character in the film as it narrates what is going on during the scene. The music is most effective in the scene where Mari is raped. Afterwards she walks away, kneels down and prays as her tormentors look on with expressions of guilt on their faces. During this scene the song “Now You’re All Alone” is playing. I can’t help but want to kill myself every time I watch this scene. Wes Craven was kind enough to offer some lighter comedic scenes to give some much-needed relief to the audience. Last House is, in my opinion, master filmmaking by one of the greatest directors that goes beyond being a horror film. Essential. DVD is the unrated version and includes the infamous gut-pulling scene.
Special Features: Introduction by Wes Craven/ Director/Producer Commentary/ Featurette/ Outtakes & Dailies/ Forbidden Footage/ Theatrical Trailer. – neil a.

2 thoughts on “Last House on the Left

  1. “Wes Craven”, Last house on the left was a film about two best friends { Mari and Phyllis} looking for adventure and fun in the vast city, to live a bit on the wild side from their suburban lives,instead they were introduced into a world of mayhem and murder by a group of socio-paths. The two girls wanted to go to a concert for a celebration, instead they were raped, ( In one scene one of the girls has to urinate in her pants so one of the nut-cases won’t cut her friend with a knife}. None the wiser after killing the two girls in the deserted woods, they see a house little do they know it is one of the girls Parents home. The Mother hears one of the men talking about the murder, she puts two and two together and runs to the woods to find her dead daughter lying there. I won’t tell the end but I’ll just say revenge is sweet. Wes Craven is a genius, he knows human emotion and at the same time knows what scares the hell out of people. He worked with Sean S. Cunningham on this film { Friday the 13} and the acting is more character then acting, I would say this is Wes Craven in his finest hour!.

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