Everyone has received that email about the guy who wakes up in a bath tub full of ice with a note and a phone. The not says “call the police or you will die” and turns out the guy has had his kidney stolen. Well, the director of Koma got that email and was so enthralled with it he created an entire film out of it. Chi Ching is a very unhealthy woman with Renal failure and she also discovers one of the victims of the kidney thief that is striking all throughout town. Because she accidentally fell into the killers path, she is now in the middle of it. He wants her kidneys, but after finding out that hers aren’t good, he now has another use for her, a buyer. How much does she want to live? Is it at the expense of someone else’s health in happiness? What about her boyfriend and her family? To what lengths will they go? Then there is Suen Ling. What part does she play in all of this? What connection does she have to Chi Ching and what about Suen’s dying mother? What lengths will she go to save her ailing mother from death? Koma is a very complicated crime drama. The kind that makes CSI and NYPD Blue look stupid and unrealistic. This is a well crafted tale staring ‘The Eye’s’ Angelic Lee. (DVD) – Myk.

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