Story/ The Film Itself: “Be Beautiful” is the new line from Central Park Media. The DVD’s that are released on this imprint are “by woman, for woman” and apparently, they like to explore homosexuality as well. This is the only release I have seen by the company, and will probably be the last as well. The story is basically about two high school fencers who fall in love. Renmaru and Kei are inseparable until Renmaru is crippled in a hit and run “accident”. Kei dedicates his life to helping his friend and lover. That is until a mysterious second Sutter comes into the picture. Who is he and what connection does he have to both Kei and Renmaru? This is apparently the first in a series, as this only contained one thirty minute episode. Animation wise this was excellent and the story is very good, I could do without the love scenes, but then again, I’m not a woman. (Be Beautiful, 250 W 57th St, Suite 317, New York, NY 10107) (DVD) – Myk.

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