It Waits

Stephen Cannell is famous for making television shows like Hunter, The Commish, The A Team and The Greatest American Hero. Now he takes a shot at a horror film and brings along Cerina Vincent of Cabin Fever fame to help him. Vincent stars as Danielle St. Clair (and no, despite the name, this is not a porn film) a young park ranger stuck in an out of the way outpost and dealing with the demons of losing her best friend in a drunk driving accident. This includes not speaking to her boyfriend, played by Dominic Zamprogna, no matter what he does. Nearby the outpost, a group of students are spelunking into a cave they have recently opened, only to find some disturbing hieroglyphics on the walls and a more disturbing presence a little deeper. Turns out there is a demon escaped from hell and opening the cave has let it free and now it is stalking St. Clair and killing everybody else in site. Having been caught drinking on the job, Danielle

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