Story: Friends Marcus and Pierre are on the hunt for a man who brutally raped and beat their girlfriend Alex, which leads to a heated murder in an S & M club. Could they have gotten the right man? The story unfolds in reverse order.
The Film Itself: Now, this is far from a “horror” movie, but it has the same horrific elements as other rape/revenge exploitive cinema, such ‘I Spit On Your Grave’, ‘THRILLER: A Cruel Picture’ and ‘Last House On The Left’. The reason I’m reviewing it is because, quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. First off, the film runs in reverse order, starting with the end credits running backwards at the beginning, much like Christopher Nolan’s Memento. The interesting thing is that there are two elements of this film that will stick out in any review you read. The murder/revenge sequence and the rape. I think rather then exploiting these two sequences as a “pay off”, the story is shown in reverse so that you see these horrible acts early on, and are then taken thru a narrative of how it all came to be. The first half of the film is shot handheld, in a frenetic & hectic run thru the S & M club. It’s bluntly quite crazy and definitely effects the viewer. Then, there are the two stand out scenes. Again… as bold as this is to say, the murder sequence and the revenge sequence are literally the two most horrible things I’ve ever seen captured on film. They both made me ill. HUGE props to the beautiful Monica Bellucci for having the courage to film such a graphic & disturbing scene. This is cinema at it’s rawest & best. This film made me react and has stuck with me since I watched it days ago. That’s powerful filmmaking.
Special Features: Sadly, there’s not much. Just a few teaser trailers and some short handheld featurettes, cut together with some music. I was really curious to learn more about the making of the film, but having nothing on the disc only adds to the mystery of this shocker. -robg.

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