Iczer: Reborn

Story/ The Film Itself: From what I can tell, this is at least the second in the Iczer story line, if not the third (I think it is the second released in the US, while a third seems to exist overseas). Iczer 1 is the protector of a dying race. She fights Neos Gold’s attempts to take over the galaxy wherever they may occur. The latest is in the vicinity of Earth, but Iczer 1 is really beat up from a previous battle. She sends her little sister, Iczer 3, to help protect a city and one person in particular, Nagisa. Nagisa and Iczer 3 become cybernetically linked and form a fighting robot together, much like Gundam or Voltron. Along the way, most of the Earth city is destroyed and Nagisa and her friends manage to launch the last remaining useable ship. Neos manages to harness some of Iczer’s power and creates an evil counterpart. On top of that, Iczer 2 shows up, who is actually just hellbent on destroying her older sister, but takes it out on the younger sibling just because she’s there. The plot tends to get a little muddled with a lot of allegiance changes and a slightly confusing way of people acquiring power and weapons. Watching Iczer 3 reminded me a lot of watching Rusty and Big Guy: you have a big powerful character and a little character with a lot of power, but not the knowledge on how to use it. While I enjoyed watching this, I didn’t feel totally compelled. The animation is good and there’s a lot of action, but the story didn’t totally grab me. There were also some aspects of the plot that seemed forced. I would call this a rental (US Manga, 250 W 57th St., Suite 317, New York, NY 10107) – Myk.

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