I, Madman

Story: Virginia is a bookstore clerk who loves to throw herself into the books she reads. After reading a horror story, which relentlessly captures her imagination, she decides to search out for the author’s rarely printed second novel. A book titled ‘I Madman’. When she finally finds and begins reading ‘I Madman’, a story about a disfigured killer obsessed with winning the affection of the woman he pines for, she begins to notice that there is very little separating fact from fiction. A series of murders start terrorizing Hollywood and it seems that Virginia’s ‘I Madman’ is coming to life before her very eyes. This real life killer has one goal and it’s to win Virginia’s heart, no matter who gets in his way.
The Film Itself: This movie has an interesting premise and some good kills, but overall, doesn’t reach the full potential this type of story has to offer. Jenny Wright (also of the cult classic ‘Near Dark’) plays Virginia here and is the most watchable part of the film. There’s something so naturally beautiful about this actress, both in the vulnerability she portrays while reading about the horrific murders in these books and then equally in when she discovers these murders are becoming realities. Clayton Rohner (of the 80’s cult classic ‘Just One Of The Guys’) does a solid job of playing Virginia’s straight shooting detective boyfriend. The one downside to this film is the claymation effects shots. There’s a few in here, dealing with a character from the first novel, which later plays into the ending, and it just doesn’t seem like the budget of the film could afford better effects shots. It truly hurts the believability of the ending. Jenny Wright alone makes this movie worth watching at least once.
Special Features: Only a theatrical trailer, which oddly enough is titled ‘Hardcover’, the movies original theatrical title. The film is presented in full screen format only and the picture quality is above video standards. Sound options are in decent dolby digital. The disc however is inexpensive. – robg.

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