Hellfest 2002

This is a two DVD set covering the entire 2002 Hellfest Hardcore, Metal, and Punk festival. The second DVD is all short comical interviews with many of the bands that are shown performing. The first disc features one track from 27 bands that performed that weekend including headliners Hatebreed. Other bands include Bleeding Through, Lamb of God, Eighteen Visions, Bane, From Autumn To Ashes, Terror and the debut of Freya (ex-Earth Crisis). Several of these performances have audio commentaries, which are humorous because the bands are obviously uncomfortable saying things like "that’s me jumping," etc. The DVD layout and the sound quality are excellent; this is one of the best live Hardcore DVDs you’ll find. It’s like having a Who’s Who of Hardcore on your video jukebox to rock out to for more than two hours straight. (High Roller Studios, 32 Mill St, Mt. Holly, NJ 08060) – Myk.

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