Hate: The Litany of Satan

It is amazing how Poland keeps kicking out amazing bands. Not only that, but one of Poland’s best labels just keeps kicking out home videos by these bands. Metal Mind releases Hate ‘The Litanies Of Satan’ recorded in Krakow in February 2004. The disk clocks in at about 75 minutes and includes 16 tracks, an interview with vocalist Adam The First Sinner, a discography, a bio on each band member, a photo gallery and a CD-Rom section. Among the great tracks selected for this live show, the band kicks out an excellent version of Slayer’s Postmortem and the crowd goes bananas. The five camera pro shoot is unbelievable. It might as well have been shot by MTV these guys are so adept at capturing the live aspects of the musicians. Close up’s of the guitar picking, the fret boards and even Adam’s face during his growling. There is little left unseen in this show. To the point that at times I wish they would just show a back of the club shot so the whole stage could be seen. While I do not feel that Hate are in the same league as Vader, The Yattering or Behemoth, they are an up and coming band that is immensely powerful and has insanely brutal songs. They put on an amazing show that will be well appreciated by any fan of Polish metal, black metal and death metal. I really think fans of Dissection will really be into Hate as they have that same blackened-death style sound. (Metal Mind/Music Video Distributors, P.O.B. 280, Oaks, PA 19456) – Myk.

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