The Hilarious House of Frankenstein

The horror community is a strange world. But one thing most people can agree on is Vincent Price. SO when I heard that he was involved in a tv show, I was automatically interested. Turns out the show was a variety show from the 70’s, that according to the box was a cult classic. Well, I was born in the 70’s, but I don’t remember it. I asked my father, a total sci-fi and horror guy and he didn’t remember it either. So we sat down to watch the new four episode DVD that was recently released. We didn’t remember the show and after seeing a couple episodes, I’ll never forget it. This is awful. I’m sorry, it isn’t funny, it’s like a live action Groovy Ghoulies with less story. I feel sorry for Vincent Price that this is what his career sank to. Small soliloquy’s that were really opening lines to other bad skits. The show basically starred Billy Van as every character on the show except for Price and the assistant who looked like Tor Johnson with a better speaking voice. There is a lot of hippy trippy acid culture references and to be honest, I don’t get the monster motif except the DJ character (Wolfman Jack reference) who plays top 40 music and does little odd dance videos in the middle of the episodes. There was nothing compelling about the show and the quality looked like an old bootleg video burned to DVD. The most odd item of the show was a section on pets, usually which seemed to be different types of turtles. It was like Captain Kangaroo meets Mad Monster Party. Supposedly this show ran 170 episodes, if it did, I would hate to meet the people who were watching. There are no extras by the way. (Empire Pictures) (DVD) – Myk

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  1. Maybe you would have appreciated the show more if you realized it was a children’s show and meant to be camp. Check out the comments about the show on IMDB and you’ll see that it is still much beloved by people who watched it as children in the 70s.
    BTW, it is Hilarious House of FRIGHTENSTEIN.

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