Story: After the suicide of his aunt, horror novelist Roger Cobb inherits her old house. He decides to retreat to the house to write his next book, based on his experiences in Vietnam. Struggling with his recent divorce and the unexplained disappearance of his son, he starts to see horrific things taking place in his new house. Is he losing his mind? Or is it truly haunted? Will he face his inner demons to defeat the creatures and entities that haunt… the house?
The Film Itself: This is a good little gem of a movie from the mid 80’s produced by Friday the 13th’s Sean Cunningham and directed by Steve Miner. Main star William Katt (remember him kids? from the TV show ‘The Greatest American Hero’) plays Roger Cobb here, and is almost immediately likable. Although the film plays as more of a horror/ comedy, there’s still some spooky moments, (as you’d expect, dealing with a haunted house) in this house. The scene of a creature appearing to Roger as his wife is both comical and creepy. Speaking of comedic, that’s where next door neighbor George Wendt (Norm! from ‘Cheers!’) shines best. Richard Moll (famous for playing Bull in the TV show ‘Night Court’) is excellent in the Vietnam flashbacks and plays an important role in the film’s conclusion. This is a fun flick worth a viewing.
Special Features: Anchor Bay delivers as usual providing a commentary track with all the main players present, including producer Sean Cunningham, director Steve Miner, writer Ethan Wiley and star William Katt. Also, included are theatrical trailers, a still gallery and a making of featurette, all of which are entertaining and an added bonus for after the feature. The picture is an excellent digital transfer considering the film is from the mid 80’s and looks great all the way thru. Included on some copies is a 2nd bonus DVD disc featuring House 2. Not sure if you’d consider that a special feature, but you could consider it free. – robg.

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