House of 1000 Corpses

Story: Take Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (along with one of it’s main cast members), throw in a dash of 70’s exploitation flicks, and the visual cues from Brian DePalma’s early films and that about sums it up!
The Film Itself: I never thought we’d actually review this film on the site, but with the restored confidence in Rob Zombie after kicking our asses with ‘The Devil’s Rejects’, I decided to buy this DVD along with ‘Rejects’ to see how I felt about it now. Well, sorry folks, but in retrospect, this still isn’t a very good movie. Sure, there are SOME interesting things visually, but everything is too colorful & cartoon-y and plays out more like a long music video. There’s nothing original here. And just when things MIGHT get interesting, the whole Dr. Satan thing comes in, which just doesn’t make sense in this movie. (The best thing about the 2nd film is the DELETION of the Dr. Satan character.)
Special Features: There’s an interesting commentary track by Rob Zombie that’s worth watching. I enjoy hearing what he was thinking when making this movie, but ironically he sounds more confident about this movie then he does about ‘Rejects’ in that film’s commentary. (Although after ‘Rejects’, I’m sure he feels differently about ‘House’ in retrospect) Regardless, if you’re a fan of commentaries AND of Zombie’s then this is one worth checking out. There are also some character-hosted menus with new footage of Captain Spaulding, Baby & Otis guiding you thru different menu options. While kinda cool for this disc, it does get annoying after a while. There are a few really short cast interviews, but they’re terribly boring. Overall, unless you’re a die-hard Rob Zombie fan (which a lot of you are), I can’t see any reason to spend your hard earned cash on this, when ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ is available. – robg.

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