Horror Business

Story: “It’s about two percent movie making & ninety-eight percent hustling. It’s no way to spend a life” is the opening quote to this movie by Orson Wells. And it’s only fitting considering what follows. ‘Horror Business’ is a documentary that follows the lives of 5 struggling filmmakers and reveals their passion to tell their stories thru their horror films.
The Film Itself: Horror Business is a flat out fantastic little documentary. Obviously, if you’re a horror fan, you’re going to find the subject matter very entertaining. Besides following around 5 filmmakers, one of which is American Movie’s Mark Borchardt, you get cameo’s by HG Lewis, Sid Haig, Lloyd Kaufman & Joe Bob Briggs. Director Christopher P. Garetano does a fantastic job of really getting behind the personalities of his subjects and shows their struggles in a sympathetic light. These are filmmakers on the outskirts of the horror business. He supposedly had established filmmakers such as George Romero & Eli Roth lined up for this film, but opted for the more personal approach with these 5 personalities. (All of them from completely different spectrums.) Visually, this documentary stands out, as Chris seems to have done his homework on documentaries. To be quite frank, Horror Business is mandatory viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in the passion that goes behind getting a horror film made.
Special Features: This is an advance of the DVD and therefore doesn’t contain any special features, but Christopher promises a stellar 2 disc set when this film gets DVD distribution, which will feature plenty of outtakes & bonus footage. I’m looking forward to it, as should you! – robg.

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