High Tension: Rob G’s Review

Finally, High Tension gets the DVD treatment it deserves! Forget about that weird theatrical release edit and watch the flick completely uncut!!! All the gore intact. And you can watch the original French version, a FULL English dub, or the theatrical dub/subtitles. (I recommend the English dub!) (All feature subtitle options.) What’s it about? This is old school, old fashioned horror at it’s best! Marie and Alex are 2 best friends who retreat to Marie’s parents farmhouse for a peaceful, quiet weekend. What they don’t count on is the sleazy, crazy madman who shows up and goes buck on everyone! (read Jsyn’s full review here) Sure, the ending is a tad controversial, but it shouldn’t take away from the overall tension this film delivers. (And I can gladly debate the ending with any of you!)
Special Features: There’s plenty of excellent features that round out this must-own disc. There’s an introduction & commentary with the filmmakers. As well as select scene commentary with director Alexandre Aja and star Cecile De France. Director Alexandre Aja explains how the tension of the overall film was the key to it’s effectiveness and dismisses people’s problems with the ending. There’s a few excellent featurettes (although you’ll have to hit your subtitles on) and some trailers. High Tension IS an instant classic! – robg.

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