Hard to Die

Story/ The Film Itself: This movie is pretty much a companion film to Sorority House Massacre 2. It has the same general story and predominately same cast. This time around instead of a sorority house, it’s in a warehouse where a group of girls are doing inventory for a lingerie company (that will come in handy later.) Orville Ketchum is back this time as the janitor. Slumber Party Massacre footage is once again used as a flashback story. After opening a wrongly delivered package the girls find it’s contents to be a puzzle box (kind of like Hellraiser.) Naturally, they open the box unleashing an evil that takes possession of one of the girls. Since the girls are dirty from carrying boxes up from the basement they decide to take showers in their bosses’ luxurious office (yeah he has a shower in there) and change into something more comfortable (told ya that lingerie would come in handy.) After most of the lovely ladies are killed, the remaining girls head for a gun store located on another floor of the building. It’s this that makes Hard To Die better than Sorority House Massacre 2 although they are essentially the same. Now we have sexy girls in lingerie toting machine guns. As silly as it sounds it makes all the difference giving the film a more action-packed finale.
Special Features: Just a theatrical trailer. – neil a.

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