Happy Hell Night

Story: Let’s get this out of the way: A zombie priest commited some murders during a frat initiation, and he was caught and put in an asylum. Well, the customary “25 years later” he’s about to get an unscheduled release. Oh, and it’s Halloween.
The Film Itself: So begins the 1992’s Yugoslavian/Canadian(!) production of “Happy Hell Night”. It’s really not as bad as it seems. I mean, Darrin McGavin is around for a few scenes, and so is a cast of horrible unknown actors who aren’t so horrible or unknown anymore: Sam Rockwell (“Matchstick Men”, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”), is here, and so is Frank John Huges, credited as Franke Hughes, (“Band of Brothers”, “Catch Me If You Can”) and his New Yawk accent.
I’ve got fond memories of this movie from it’s showings on late-night cable back in the day, but there really isn’t too much that’s special about it. It’s low-budget, but it’s fairly well made. It’s really nothing more than the standard slasher/zombie priest routine: the electricity is out, the phone is dead and so are half the people in the house. Surprisingly, the killer, Malius, is actually pretty darned creepy in a “Pinhead” sort of way, although his one-one liner seems a little forced (“No…sex”, kill. “No…TV”, kill, etc, etc, etc.) The real treat you get with “Happy Hell Night” is the ridiculous title song that plays over the end credits. You’ll be singing, “Happy hell night! Happy hell night!” for weeks. Check it out. – mike c.

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