Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Story: 6 years after the events of Halloween 5, Michael is back with a bunch of …druids? Who are protecting him? Anyways, this film is meant to explain the origins of Michael’s evil & brings back a new nemesis… Tommy Doyle?!
The Film Itself: Well… it’s well known that there are two completely different versions of this film. So, this DVD is obviously the theatrical cut. And it’s not all that bad. It’s actually a decent entry in the series. George Wilbur reprises the role of Michael Myers. (He played him in Part 4.) Donald Pleasence is the only returning actor, but we have welcome additions from Marianne Hagan (as Kara Strode), veteran actor Mitchell Ryan as Wynn (he still cracks me up in Liar Liar), Kim Darby as Debra Strode (come on… who DOESN’T love Better Off Dead?!) and Paul Rudd (taking over the role of Tommy Doyle.) There’s some decent kills. Especially the one Kara watches across the street from Tommy’s room. And the hospital killing spree is a great addition to the theatrical version. The whole “thorn” storyline is loved by a lot of fans, but I find it personally too complicated & distracting. The thing that worked so well in the original was it’s simplicity. Less is more. Why explain Michael’s “origins”? Donald Pleasence is great as always. It’s a shame that this was his final film.
Special Features: There’s nothing special on this disc besides a good digital transfer and a decent stereo sound setup. It’s fairly inexpensive, so it’s worth picking up. At least until we get a double disc, complete with both the theatrical cut and the producer’s cut. – robg.

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