Halloween: Resurrection

Story: An internet company led by Busta Rhymes decides it might be a good idea to do a live webcast from the house of legendary serial killer, Michael Myers. Guess who doesn’t find this a good idea? (Besides Halloween fans, that is.)
The Film Itself: Remember I mentioned an unbearable character per sequel? Well, in this one… it’s hands down, Busta Rhymes. We lose Loomis, but we get Freddie Harris. Unbelievable. Well, before anything, there’s a re-vamping of the ending of the previous film to show that Michael didn’t “really die.” I HATE when sequels change what we’ve already seen. This is where I agree with Annie Wilkes from Stephen King’s Misery. But reagrdless, he’s back & he has yet another final showdown with Laurie Strode. (I would’ve LOVED H20 if the opening to this film was the end of that film.) Busta Rhymes character, Freddie decides to shoot a live internet broadcast on Halloween night from the home of Michael Myers. There are a few decent characters among the bunch, including the beautfiul Bianca Kajlich as Sara Moyer. Her character seems to be implied to have some sort of connection to Michael Myers, but it never gets fully explained or explored. Luke Kirby’s character Jim gets some good laughs and is a nice addition to the cast. As is Brad Loree‘s version of Michael Myers. (one of the best since Part 2. Plus, he’s an awfully nice fellow.) Thomas Ian Nicholas must think this is another American Pie movie because his character is exactly the same. (Hey, I DO love him in those movies.) And Tyra Banks is here because… well, honestly I have no idea what she’s doing here. The whole live internet broadcast is a pretty good idea, and toward’s the end, it gives us a chance to root along with the audience to help Sara. (As her friend Spencer tries to do via IM.) The movie has it’s good moments in the last act, but the ending gets a tad confusing. And the kills are fairly unoriginal and weak. And certain scenes with Busta Rhymes are just unbearable to watch. (him taunting Michael in a white mask, “Trick Or Treat, muthafucka”) I can NOT believe that his character didn’t piss off Michael enough to instigate a horrible and brutal death. Again, this series is lacking without Loomis.
Special Features: There’s some good stuff on here including deleted scenes and an alternate beginning and a few alternate endings. I really enjoy the original opening with a young Michael. Anything with kids portraying evil freaks me out. The making of featurette is decent too. But I really enjoyed the webcam version of the movie. It’s pretty much a Blair Witch style, 40 minute version of the movie. There’s something cool about watching Michael Myers in live webcam footage. It makes it feel a bit real, but I’d only recommend watching this feature after you’ve seen the movie itself. Great sound and picture. Despite the movie’s flaws, this is a decent special edition release. – robg.

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