Halloween II

Story: More of the night he came home…
The Film Itself: Very rarely does a sequel continue so perfectly from the first film. My friend Tony said it best, “I really can’t watch Halloween without throwing Halloween II into the DVD player immediately afterwards.” This is in fact a film about the same night we beared witness to in the original Halloween film. Michael Myers (played by Dick Warlock) is continuing the hunt for his sister (Jamie Lee returning as Lauire Strode) & will let nothing get in his way. Not even those pesky kids working at the hospital where they’ve taken Laurie. H2 is not as classic as the first film, but Halloween 2 still carries with it a very dreary vibe from start to finish. Might be the whole hospital backdrop. Don’t hospitals creep everyone out? The kills are very inventive & probably among the best in the entire series (although some are borrowed from Dario Argento films). A lot of fans remember first seeing Dick Warlock’s version of Michael Myers (myself included), hence his performance has become a fan favorite. (Michael with that little scalpel? Still gets me everytime!) Over all, most Halloween fans have fond memories of Halloween 2.
Special Features: Universal really missed out on giving the fans a solid special edition disc ala Anchor Bay Entertainment. A commentary and/or deleted scenes from the radically different television version would’ve been welcomed, but all of this is absent from this pressing. Instead, we have just the movie itself, which at least is presented in widescreen & looks and sounds better then any previous video copy you might already own. It’s also fairly inexpensive, so as a fan of the series, it’s worth owning. At least until we get a special edition box like what’s available in the UK! – robg.

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