Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers

Story: 10 years ago he changed the face of Halloween. Tonight… it’s the 80’s and he’s back!
The Film Itself: Ah, the first Halloween film I had the honor of seeing theatrically. I remember thinking this was the coolest horror movie ever! I had already seen H2 on television a dozen times, and read all about H4 in Fangoria, so I was ready for Michael’s return to the big screen. For what it was, Halloween 4 was a really fun film with great characters, a super-powerful Michael with a white mask that wasn’t quite what I remembered it to be, some inventive kills, and the return of LOOMIS! I was a fairly young lad when I first saw H4, so it introduced me to two crushes! The lovely Rachel Caruthers (played by Ellie Cornell) and the “she’s bad yet so hot” Kelly Mecker, played by the beautiful Kathleen Kinmont. And of course Danielle Harris (whom I crush on more now then I did back then.) Halloween 4 has a kill involving a thumb! Halloween 4 has a bunch of hicks killing an innocent guy in the bushes! Halloween 4 has a bad-ass roof-top scene! What else? It has the most promising and sick ending out of the entire series. Man, how I wish they went the way they implied at the end of this film. Brace yourself for my Halloween 5 review!
Special Features: Anchor Bay again does a pretty solid job at presenting a special edition DVD. This time available in a limited edition tin case. The film itself looks great and sounds fantastic in 5.1 sound. There’s a short making-of featurette on here which although entertaining, seems to re-use some interview footage from the Halloween 5 special edition DVD that Anchor Bay put out before this one. Overall, a worthwhile investment & fun flick to watch with a group of friends! – robg.

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