Halloween: 25th Anniversary Edition

Story: As a boy, 6 year old Michael Myers brutally murdered his sister Judith with a butcher knife. After spending 15 years in a mental institute, he’s escaped and come home to Haddonfield on Halloween night to kill. The only thing that stands in his way is his obsessive doctor, Sam Loomis. But can someone considered to be pure evil truly be stopped?
The Film Itself: THIS is the movie that started it all. With John Carpenter’s distinct eye and music, along with his truly brilliant yet simple script, co-written with Debra Hill, the original Halloween ended up becoming the most successful independent horror film ever. (a record only recently broken by The Blair Witch Project.) It also launched the acting career of the then unknown Jamie Lee Curtis, and introduced the world to a boogey man in a white mask named Michael Myers; who would go on to thrill and scare horror fans for many, many years. The rest as they say is history. The things that work for this film? Great acting & enjoyable characters on all counts from Jamie Lee to http://www.iconsoffright.com/IV_PJ.htmPJ Soles, to of course the fan favorite Dr. Sam Loomis, played by the late great Donald Pleasence. Extra creepy performance as played (for the most part) by Carpenter’s friend, Nick Castle aka “the shape”. Carpenter’s killer score and classic Halloween theme. There’s nothing not to love about the original Halloween.
Special Features: Anchor Bay Entertainment has put out a number of versions of Halloween. So, does this 25th Anniversary Edition measure up? Yes and no. I think at the moment it’s the only version available on DVD, in which case you have no choice but to own this one. (Come on… EVERYONE should own Halloween!) The picture and sound is fantastic, however, the picture’s a tad bit clearer then the last version that came out. (meaning a lot of the “blue” tint which we’ve become so used to is now lit up & bright.) This edition however features the classic commentary by Carpenter, Hill and Curtis from the laserdisc. The documentary on the 2nd disc is pretty extensive and entertaining, but uses way too much footage from the movie. (As if they really wanted to stretch this thing to 90 minutes on purpose.) You can’t go wrong with a special edition of Halloween, but the previous edition which also featured the uncut television version & a documentary voiced over by Dee Sneider is my fave DVD version of Halloween. – robg.

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