Halloween: 20 Years Later

Story: After 20 years, Michael Myers has finally found his long thought to be dead sister, Laurie Strode; hiding out as a teacher at a private school. He follows her there for one last showdown.
The Film Itself: Ah… Halloween with the ‘Scream’ touch. The film overall is decent and beloved by most fans. But this is where they started introducing at least one unbearable charcter per sequel for me. In this one, it’s Josh Hartnett. (who is currently WAY too good to reprise his role for another Halloween movie. Ya know, being busy doing Harrison Ford movies.) Between him (not EVER combing his hair), the rest of the over-educated Dawson’s Creek-type characters, a very odd looking Michael Myers (his mask changes numerous times thru-out the film), and a plot which bears a little too close to the original, it’s hard for me to get into this movie. It does pick up toward the final act, but the ending is really disappointing. And I can see Jamie Lee just wanting to do this movie for the sole purpose of getting to be “the bad-ass” for the last 15 minutes. I don’t care how long you’ve been living in fear… THAT is Michael Fucking Myers, and there is no way anyone would have the balls to decide “Hey, I’m going to stalk HIM now”. I know everyone loves Jamie Lee, but she always struck me as a bit of a poser to the whole Halloween franchise. Sure, she was in the original two, but has ignored the series ever since. She didn’t want to be a part of the 25th anniversary convention either? All those things combined with the way she talks about these films & not being a fan of the genre make me not too interested in her character anymore. The series is lacking without Loomis.
Special Features: The special features are ok. There’s a decent making-of featurette explaining how this movie came together, but again, these actors talk about the previous films in such an insulting, uninspiring way. (Josh Hartnett…”uhh… do I really want to do Halloween 7?” No, you don’t. You want to go on to make ’40 Days and 40 Nights’ instead.) The only person that seems to have passion for the other Halloween films and the genre in general is Kevin Williamson (who ended up only writing the treatment for this film.) Absent is the commentary track promised on original printings of the DVD. Present is a cool little trivia game and ready for this? … a Creed music video. Yea. Well, the movie looks and sounds good (even though I hate that aweful John Ottman score). – robg.

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