Grim Reaper

Compared to some of the direct to video DVDs that Lionsgate has released, this is one of the better ones. Grim Reaper is the story of a stripper, Rachel, and her boyfriend who is a medical student. Rachel gets hit by a car and ends up in a hospital, except from the get go you know there is something wrong with the hospital, and the other patients there.
Turns out, that all of the patients at this hospital have had near death experiences. Some of them are accidents, like Rachel, and some are more self-inflicted. There is something not right about the Doctor as well and the way he treats the patients. As you see more of the hospital, you find out it is an old, dilapidated mental asylum that had been shut down. The storyline, with the exception of the stripper/med student love affair, reminds me of the film Deadpit that was released in the early

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