Gingerdead Man, The

Story: Run, run, as fast as you can. Because here comes the gingerdead man! All you need know… is that Gary Busey is the gingerdead man. ‘Nuff said.
The Film Itself: Oh, crap cinema bliss! How I love thy! What more do you need to know besides the title and the fact that crazy as fuck Gary Busey PLAYS the title character. Honestly, I saw the trailer to this months ago, and I could not wait to check this out. It is exactly what you’d expect. Not a very good movie at all. But it’s wonderful camp. It opens with Gary Busey robbing a store, looking crazy and shooting & stabbing innocent bystanders. In fact, I don’t think Busey’s acting. I think this is surveillance footage. Anyways, he gets caught, sent to the chair and his mama sends his ashes to the bakery. His ashes (and a touch of blood) are baked into the gingerbread batter, and before you know it, we have a mini-Gary Busey gingerbread man – killing people and spouting out one-liners. Again, this isn’t all that good, but gosh darn it, I was entertained. I actually watched it two times in a row. (Again, it’s only about an hour long) The acting is so-so. There’s (believe it or not) some boring patches, where the lead “i’m a tough guy” character tries to romance the grieving “Busey killed my whole family” lead. There’s a hot blonde in here too who steals her dead daddy’s ring when she find the body. And err… there’s the gingerbread man? Toting a pistol? Pretty funny stuff. Recommended for people who love crap cinema as much as Mike and myself do.
Special Features: The same deal as the other new Full Moon releases. Making of featurette with more crazy Busey. (I love that guy!) We visit with FX artist John Buechler (director of Friday The 13th 7) as he builds his Gingerdead Men. (They had a full sized version, but I don’t remember seeing it ANYWHERE in the actual movie. Weird.) Some of the actors talk about their experiences on this flick. The chicks are way hot (God bless you, Mister Band), but the one wrestling freak guy is annoying. (You know those guys that are constantly trying to be funny, but aren’t?) There’s some trailers (can’t wait for Petrified!) and bloopers as well. There ya have it! – robg.

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