Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed (Canadian DVD)

Story: This highly anticipated sequel to the horror hit Ginger Snaps finds Brigitte in a drug rehabilitation center for an addiction to monkshood. Unfortunately, it is the monkshood which slows down her transformation into a wolf. Brigitte now must find a way to escape from the hospital, with the assistance of an eccentric young girl named Ghost, before another wolf finds her and mates with her.
The Film Itself: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It was definitely not what I was expecting. The amazing Emily Perkins returns as Brigitte. The character has evolved since the first film. She now seems darker, stronger and even sexier. The beautiful Katharine Isabelle also returns as Ginger. The supporting characters were all excellently cast. Tatiana Maslany plays the character of Ghost with both innocence and creepiness. Eric Johnson plays Tyler, an orderly who trades drugs for sexual favors from the girls at the rehab. He was able to take a sleazy character and make him completely likeable. Other supporting roles include Janet Kidder (niece of Margot) as Alice and Brendan Fletcher (Freddy VS. Jason) as a librarian. The atmosphere of the movie is a perfect match for the story. The hospital appears cold, dreary and depressing. In contrast, the home of Ghost, where Brigitte eventually hides, is warm and peaceful. The music is another strong point of the movie, both the music created for the movie and the songs used in it. The score during the opening scene/credits was brilliant as was the editing. I also felt that using the song “Beautiful” by Joydrop during the end credits was a perfect choice to close the movie. I liked the song itself so much that I purchased the cd. In conclusion, I highly recommend this movie. From the opening scene to the twist ending, I found this movie to be a true horror masterpiece.
Special Features: Production commentary, deleted scenes, storyboards, and excerpts from Brigitte’s diary in the movie. – neil a.

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