Ginger Snaps II: Unleased (American DVD)

Story: Brigitte is on the run from a stalking beast & attempting to hold off her own inevitable transformation into a werewolf by injecting herself with periodic doses of monkshood. After an overdose on the drug, she’s brought into the care of rehabilitation clinic, where she’s kept from the one thing postponing her change. And when murders start happening, she knows there’s little time between her change & a showdown with the werewolf stalking her.
The Film Itself: Now, we’ve got ourselves the makings of a great franchise with the potential for cult status. The thing I like about this sequel is it continues seamlessly from the first film & often takes you in a direction you just don’t expect. Emily Perkins returns in the role of Brigitte, as does Katharine Isabelle as her sister Ginger. The opening credit sequence is beautifully shot & sets up the mood of the entire piece. The rest of the cast & story kept me interested in the movie the whole time, especially the demented Tatiana Maslany as the character ‘Ghost’. Things get real interesting once Brigitte gets to the rehabilitation facility. Once again, this franchise offers a unique female perspective & gives us an original werewolf movie. Emily Perkins delivers 100% this time around, especially since it’s solely her character that drives this picture. The effects & creature itself look cool, although there are some better & scarier looks at the beast in the making-of featurettes. Fans of the original need not worry; this movie injects just as much black humor as the first one did. People seemed to be mixed on the ending, but I enjoyed it for being a dark & morbid end to this part of the series. (The next and last film will be a prequel) Be on the lookout for a full class of female junkie’s masturbating!
Special Features: Once again, the Canadian release is the superior version. Besides director commentary, we also have a series of making-of featurettes covering different aspects of the film. I personally enjoyed the behind-the-scenes antics & the creature tests. There are some trailers here, presented in English & French including the new teaser for the 3rd Ginger Snaps film, Ginger Snaps Back. There’s plenty of art to look at such as Ghost’s comic book art, Brigitte’s journal, & storyboards. And just like the first disc, there are some great audition tapes, including one for Tatiana Maslany, who ended up playing the role of Ghost. The picture is crystal clear and the 5.1 soundtrack is as good as it gets. This disc is highly recommended. – robg.

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