Ginger Snap: Collector’s Edition

Story: 2 teenage sisters obsessed with death & whom are bound by their pack to stay together forever are in for the ultimate test, when Ginger, the younger of the two is attacked by a wild beast. Ginger survives only for her sister Brigitte to realize that her sudden changes can only mean one thing. She is in fact changing into the same beast that attacked her. A werewolf!
The Film Itself: This was a surprising & refreshing new horror film for a couple of reasons. For one, they don’t stoop to use silly CGI werewolves such as all those other crap big budget ‘supposed’ horror films as of late. Second, the story is told to us from a completely female perspective, which is a rarity in the horror genre. (At least in the way it’s presented here.) The ‘changes’ that are overcoming the soon to be 16 Ginger are a strange parallel to the phase in which a young girl becomes a woman. And although Rex Reed refers to it as “often hilarious” on the box cover, I find it less funny & more of a realistic black humor to the situation at hand. Emily Perkins (young Bev of Stephen King’s IT) & Katharine Isabelle (Freddy Vs. Jason) are a match made in heaven, casting wise for the roles of the two sisters. Mimi Rogers adds an odd & almost creepy sense of humor as the mother to these 2 conflicted teens. Werewolf fans… don’t worry. There are some good bloody moments to satisfy the genre fans of past & present.
Special Features: This is where the American & Canadian version of this disc differ. This is the Collector’s Edition offered to the Canadian market, and it’s packed with a bunch of great features for fans of this film. Included are 2 separate informative commentaries, one by director John Fawcett & the other by writer Karen Walton. The disc also features some deleted scenes, trailers, tv spots, gallery & production design artwork. For fans of the lovely Katharine Isabelle, presented as a special feature here are her audition tapes. (as well as those of other members of the cast.) It’s always interesting to compare these original auditions with the performances given in the actual film. Do yourself a favor, and head over to to pick yourself up a copy of this collector’s edition DVD. – robg.

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