Gankutsuou The Count Of Monte Cristo Chapter 6.

This is the final installment of this time elusive television anime. It has the character make up of a 18 th Century Feudal tale, but occurs in the future with rockets and space travel. The culmination of all that has occurred to Albert, who the Count really is and why he has set out to destroy the families of Aristocratic Paris. For an anime series, they have really not pulled any punches. There are supposed to be villains and heroes in this but by the end, you only really feel for Franz and Eugenie. Even Albert you grow to hate as he is the only character I have come across that whines more than Luke Skywalker. Everyone is out for themselves, or revenge and you go to find out, they all really deserve it.
That said, this is still one of the most innovative bits of anime I have ever seen. With costume designs by Anna Sui and a moving, textured approach to coloring the images, this is visually stunning. The story line is stellar with the combination of the traditional Count story and the Robotech-esque future infusion.
Like the other volumes, this disk has 4 episodes and if you buy the deluxe version, there is a collectors box to hold all the disks. The DVD features comments from the voice actors (the Japanese players, not the people that did the English voices), a mechanical breakdown and this disk features an Anna Sui gallery. This is a must see for Anime fans and belongs on your shelf next to the Ghost In The Shell series. (Geneon, 2265 East 220 th ST, POB 22782, Long Beach, CA 90801) – Myk

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