Fury, The

Story: Kirk Douglas’s son, a telekinetic, is being held captive by a mysterious government agency. Amy Irving is a telekinetic just discovering her powers who might hold the key to helping Douglas find his son.
The Film Itself: This was Brian De Palma’s big follow-up to his hugely successful adaptation of “Carrie”. Over the years I’ve tried several times to watch this movie only to end up falling asleep, or turning it off about a half-hour into it. True to form, when I popped this one in the DVD player last night within an hour I was dead asleep. I can’t write a review of a movie I’ve never seen in it’s entirety, so when I woke up I tried again. Well, the problem with this movie is obvious: The first hour is slow and totally unfocused. Kirk Douglas is running from the organization he used to work for, and Amy Irving is in an institute for psychic teens. Trouble is, Douglas’s character spends most of his time wandering around Chicago being chased, chased, and chased. Meanwhile, we’re supposed to believe that Irving has somehow developed a connection to the missing boy. It just doesn’t gel. The last hour of this movie, however, is so good and so DePalma (especially when Irving escapes from the institute) that I found myself a little upset that I’d never made it this far into the film. Unfortunately, by the time this movie wakes up I’m usually asleep. – mike c.

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