Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Story: Jason up & leaves a morgue to find his way back to Crystal Lake & terrorize more of its residents.
The Film Itself: The greatest slasher movie ever made. When is the 4th part of something ever the best? Or even just not the worst? First of all, let’s talk about continuity. At this point in the films there have been virtually no mess-ups in story continuity (which probably has to do with how little of story there is, but still…) & even with this supposed to be the last film, they resist all temptation to mess that up or explain anything that has happened in the series (why is Jason still alive, etc). They give you NOTHING which I think is completely brilliant. Mystery is what kept Jason scary for a while. On top of that, this film opens (after an excellent montage of clips from 1-3) in the exact filming location of part 3, the night that film ended. Which means the events from 2-4 all take place in the same week. This is especially rare in horror series, & a good explanation as to why Jason is in such a bad mood here. The movie is dark, gritty and brutal- exactly what a movie about a psychopath killing people should be. Jason, no matter how much of a pop culture icon he’s become over the years, is scary and threatening here, especially when he turns his rage on the sister & younger brother living next door to the stock teen characters. Tom Savini returned to do the FX and the kills are some of the most creative & graphic of the series, most notably Jason’s demise. The final chase scene is excellent as is Jason’s unmasking. The films could have gone out with a bang if they left it alone here.
Special Features: A trailer, & while the transfer is many steps up from the VHS, there are still some flaws: a couple of sound effects are missing, some shots are very grainy, and lighting is incorrect in a couple of scenes. – chriss.

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