Friday the 13th, part VII: The New Blood

Story: Jason comes back from the dead to harass more partying teens & face off against a girl with telekinetic powers.
The Film Itself: One of my favorites after the original four. Right away this movie is out to please me: the overused Tommy character is gone and they don’t even waste the time to explain him away (not that he needed it, but you’d expect it to be there) & the name Crystal Lake is back, ignoring the bad decision in 6 to change it to Forest Green. We are introduced to two sets of characters: the usual teens having a party in one house, and a psychic/ telekinetic teen girl named Tina with her mom & doctor in the other house (intentionally similar to 4’s set up). Tina accidentally killed her abusive father at Crystal Lake when she was a kid. At the lake, Tina feels a presence & accidentally ends up resurrecting Jason. What is Jason still doing in the lake after part 6? Didn’t the cops go to get the body? It’s not all that deep in the lake. Anyway, Jason arises & reveals a new kick-ass bone-through-flesh look that is the FX highlight of the entire series. From here it’s the same old story of Jason killing everyone until there’s just our lead heroine… except this time she can move objects, & while a lot of people think it’s a little out of place for the series, it makes for a different & exciting confrontation. The kills in this one are very creative, but the movie was ravaged by the MPAA. It’s a shame because what’s here has so much potential that it’s hard to imagine how much better it could be… but all of the kills are obviously censored. Yet still this installment manages to bring us the #1 fan favorite kill of the entire series, the sleeping bag kill, which was used again in Jason X. Some characters here are given a little more personality than usual. Melissa is right out of Melrose Place with her bitchy attitude & ridiculous one-liners. Dr. Crews is another awful character who holds a woman in front of him to avoid getting killed by Jason. When he & Melissa get what’s coming it’s enough to make you want to applaud & makes Jason something of a good guy. This movie has a few flaws though, most notably the ending which doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.
Special Features: This time you get: nothing. Not even a trailer. Good transfer as always from Paramount. Cover artwork is new but not as bad as 5& 6. – chriss.

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