Friday the 13th, part VI: Jason Lives

Story: Tommy digs up Jasons grave, which sends Jason right back to newly opened Camp Crystal Lake.
The Film Itself: This one appears to ignore part 5, which is a mixed blessing. To continue where 5 left off (Tommy as the killer) would have been a mistake, but now continuity is shot to hell. It’s also hard to sympathize with Tommy. He’s the hero of the film, but his own stupidity of digging Jason up (and bringing a hockey mask along, of course) is why everyone is getting killed. There is no connection to the shy & nerdy Tommy character of 4 or 5. Suddenly he’s pretty boy action hero. The movie is directed very well & is a huge step-up in quality from 5 (and 1-4 come to think of it). Humor is also all over the film, however it is not distracting. There’s a great James Bond homage in the opening title sequence. The end fight scene is pretty weak, with most of the action taking place on a boat. Jason, as a zombie, just isn’t that scary anymore. Changing the name of the community to Forest Green was another irritating sign this movie was trying to run as fast as it could from past installments. It is a fan favorite though, so it must just be me.
Special Features: Teaser trailer, great transfer, more lame artwork. – chriss.

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