Friday the 13th, part V: A New Beginning

Story: Tommy is haunted by the memory of Jason, & someone in a hockey mask is killing patients at his halfway house.
The Film Itself: Jason may have stolen some glory from the Halloween films, but by this point in 1985 Freddy & the Nightmare On Elm Street movies were becoming the slasher champ at the box-office. Paramount wanted to keep their series alive so they ran with the open-ending to 4 & put out this piece of crap. Tommy, who killed Jason as a boy, is now a teenager & is being sent to some halfway house in the woods (Crystal Lake? They never say…) where he doesn’t talk to anyone & dreams about Jason returning. Tommy is there all of a day when one of the residents decides to hack to pieces a fat kid that is annoying him. This incident seems to provoke the rampage of someone in a hockey mask. Who could it be? The police suspect Jason, not that they have any idea the killer is coincidentally wearing Jason garb. Almost everyone in the movie is unstable or trailer trash, so they’re all meant to be suspects, I guess, until they’re killed. The identity of the killer is just moronic, because no real clues are ever given & his revenge excuse has too many holes in it, especially since he just appears to be killing anyone he comes across who have nothing to do with anything. The murders are pretty bland, and whatever the MPAA didn’t cut just looks fake anyway. There is a high body count, but when characters are introduced just to be killed, it becomes boring very fast. The whole film has a cheap look and feel to it. On the plus side, the lead heroine is good, & so is the final chase scene. Also, if you don’t take the movies seriously, or consider 4 the last one, this one can just be good dumb fun.
Special Features: A trailer, a good transfer, and bad cover artwork. – chriss.
Editors Note: Personally, I love part 5. one of the most fun in the series. And Violet (Tiffany Helm)? Ou-la-la. – robg.

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