Friday the 13th, part 3

Story: A group of friends head to a summer home where Jason happens to be hiding out.
The Film Itself: Filmed in 3-D, a gimmick to keep interest in the series going. Watching it at home, it becomes laughable & distracting to see objects constantly thrown at the camera, but depending on how you look at it, it could be a part of the movies charm. There is virtually no plot this time around, except that our heroine, Chris, has a back-story involving an attack in the woods by a deformed man who left her for dead. She’s back in the woods to face her fears with her friends along for the ride. Apparently, they didn’t hear about the dozen or so people killed nearby the day before, or just don’t care. Eventually the killings begin, and Jason finally finds his much loved hockey mask. At the end there is an excellent cat-and-mouse chase scene which I consider to be one of the best in the series.
Special Features: A trailer, & a must-see widescreen presentation that will bring a tear to your eye when you think of what this movie has looked like for so many years in extreme close-up full screen. – chriss.

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