Friday the 13th, part 2

< Story: A camp on the same lake as Camp Crystal Lake is opened for counselors-in-training, who start getting killed off one by one by the now undead Jason. The Film Itself: Very tight follow-up. Basically a remake of the first, but that's what fans want. Better-than-average acting from the cast, especially Amy Steel as the lead heroine, Ginny, who uses her physical & mental strengths to survive. The opening recaps the first movie and closes the chapter on the first films survivor before moving along. The kills are creative, though some lifted from older horror movies. Jason living in a shack and bringing his kills to an alter for his mother is creepy and some of the only insight we get to this character for the entire series of movies. Part 2 is most notable for Jason wearing a sack over his head instead of his trademark hockey mask. Special Features: A trailer and another near-flawless transfer. - chriss

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