Freddy Vs. Jason: Platinum Edition

Story: The title of the film says it all. After years of talk, fan speculation and numerous false starts, the two legends that ruled the horror genre for most of the 80’s finally square off face to face. Freddy Krueger (of the Nightmare On Elm Street series) has long since been forgotten by the people of Springwood and is now trapped in limbo, powerless without the fear of his children. So, naturally he resurrects Jason Voorhees (of the Friday The 13th films), an unstoppable killing machine, who follows the bidding of his mother to take a break from killing camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake and to instead go “punish” the kids of Elm Street. Fear is instilled, everyone thinks it’s Freddy, but in actuality, it’s Jason and he just won’t stop! This pretty much sets it up for what we are all waiting and wanting to see. The battle to the death for killing rights between these two baddies.
The Film Itself: The movie itself is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s typical gory fun, with a pretty good premise to combine and continue both franchises. (I mean, have you heard some of the ideas they had before this one???) The portion of the story revolving around the kids is badly acted. Jason Ritter (Will) does what he can, and Monica Keena (Lori) at least holds up emotionally through out the picture. The saving grace as always is Robert Englund who always rules the role of Freddy. New Jason, Ken Kerzinger holds up his own and plays Jason as well as can be expected and with a bit of extra menace. Another pleasant surprise to the cast is the new cop in town, Lochlyn Munro (Deputy Stubbs) and Chris Marquette (geek turned hero, Linderman). Director Ronny Yu & screenwriters Damian Shannon & Mark Swift did an excellent job of incorporating some of the best and key elements from the early entries in both franchises, which has been lacking in the later sequels. I would think younger, newer fans being introduced to these horror icons for the first time will get the same vibe that the old school fans got from the early movies.
Special Features: New Line never disappoints when it comes to their platinum series and the 2 disc set that makes up this DVD are no exception. Included is a highly entertaining commentary track with director Ronny Yu, Robert (Freddy) Englund, and Ken (Jason) Kerzinger. Robert Englund seems to dominate the majority of this commentary, but there are plenty of interesting little tid-bits and stories revolving around the production itself, as well as leading up to the production of the film. The deleted scenes are ok, hence why they’re deleted, but it’s good to hear them with the Ronny Yu commentary tracks to get an idea of why the filmmakers chose to delete this material. The one scene with the tag line “Freddy Vs. Jason. Place your bets!” is one in particular that I’m glad was included here. (Come on!!! It should have been in the movie!) There’s plenty of behind the scenes featurettes and other basic features, such as tv spots and trailers, as well as storyboards, galleries and a music video. (missing is the advance teaser trailer shown at Fangoria’s Weekend Of Horrors a few years back). You can also find a few easter eggs, including one describing an alternate un-filmed ending. The picture is crystal clear and all the sound options are excellent. Over all, a DVD any horror collector should have in their collection. – robg.

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