Story/ The Film Itself: This is one of my all time favorite cult films. I believe this is the first time it has been released on DVD, and I am sure it is the first time it is available in widescreen and uncut. This version of ‘Freaked’ is two DVD’s and is packed with extras that only a diehard fan could really grasp as important. ‘Freaked’ boasts an amazing cast including Randy Quaid, Alex Winter (who also directs and co-wrote), Brooke Shields, Mr.T, Bobcat Goldthwait, Morgan Fairchild and an uncredited appearance by Keanu Reeves as “The Dog Boy”. Child star Ricky Coogan (Winter) will hock anything. In his latest deal, Coogan has agreed to promote Zygrot 24, a substance known to be toxic and cause all kinds of havoc. With his best friend in tow, he goes to South America and ends up confronting Julie, who is the really attractive head of a protest against Coogan and Zygrot. He tricks her into going with them and they end up at Elijah C Skuggs Freak show in the middle of nowhere. Turns out that Skuggs is making his freaks with the help of Zygrot and Coogan’s employers. Ever seen Rasta eyeballs? They’re here. The bearded lady, the dog boy, a giant worm, a talking sock, all part of the show and all people you know and love. The film is blazing dark and humorous, but also pretty silly. You can’t help but laugh, especially when you know that Larry “Bud” Melman makes an appearance in the film. I highly recommend the film for anyone who has an affinity for “midnight” films. It is good fun.
Bonus features: Deleted scenes, audio commentary, a rehearsal version of the film (yes, the whole film), Four different making of shorts, exploring things like set creation and make up, two films that Alex Winter made in college, an art gallery and several interviews. Not to mention an excellent booklet by Michael Felsher. (Anchor Bay, 1699 Stutz Dr, Troy, MI 48084) (DVD) – Myk.

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