This new version of the classic story is directed by Marcus Nispel, who directed the remake of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and produced by Martin Scorsese, who needs no introduction. The cast is excellent, starring Parker Posey, Vincent Perez, Thomas Kretschmann, Michael Madsen and Ivana Milicavic. The film was made for television originally, so you can see some of the scene’s break out at a point that you know was for a commercial. The twist on the film is that this takes place 200 years later than Frankenstein. It is modern times and the story of Frankenstein is just that, a story. What you have is the doctor that Victor Von Frankenstein was based on, Victor Helios. He is still alive after all these years due to experimentation on himself. Deucalion is the monster. He is Helios first creation and he is on a mission to stop him after all this time. The problem is, that there are now several creations walking around and they are genetically superior to humans. The have more organs and they are better engineered than the real thing, except they can’t kill themselves. Which is ok, because someone is murdering them. Parker Posey plays Detective Carson O’Conner, who is trying to solve the murders, as well as raise her Autistic brother. She also falls in with Deucalion, as they work together to solve the murders of his ‘brothers’ and also find his creator. The DVD features an audio commentary, which is a little dry, and a making of, which is good. The excellent rethinking of the story line makes this well worth seeing, and anyway, how can you pass up a film with Parker Posey and Michael Madsen? (Lion’s Gate, 2700 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404) – Myk.

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